St. Stephen's Hospital was established in 1885 with a mission to serve one another in love without regard to race, creed or religion. 

The hospital's Community Health Department has provided health, education, and development services to the people of the urban slums for almost 30 years. Our role as the St. Stephen's Hospital Board USA is to help fund growth opportunities.

Check out hospital's summary video at left and an overview of their comprehensive programming below. 


Patient Centered Care

St. Stephen's Hospital employs 1,200 doctors and staff serving 5 million people. The are 730 beds - 30% of beds are private, 70% are general. General beds are subsidized anywhere between 33-100%, with cost covered by revenue from private beds.


Child to Child Education

Since the spring of 1999, the hospital has supported pee-to-peer tutoring and mentoring n the slums surrounding the hospital.

Currently 24,297 school-going children ages 5-15 in Sunder Nagari benefit from programming.

Goals are to improve self-esteem, performance in exams, organizing capacity, sense of social responsibility, gender equality, health awareness, and rights of children. 


Micro-Crediting for women

Patients are often supported after their release through group micro-credit programs. Businesses that begun humbly now offer employment in spice sales, food preparation, nutrition and crafts.